João Freitas

According to our database1, João Freitas authored at least 25 papers between 2007 and 2021.

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Nativeness Assessment for Crowdsourced Speech Collections.
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INTERAQUATICA - Designing Interactive Aquatic Experiences with Geodesic Domes In-the-Wild.
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Effort Estimation in Named Entity Tagging Tasks.
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Physiological Arousal Quantifying Perception of Safe and Unsafe Virtual Environments by Older and Younger Adults.
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Machine Learning Powered Data Platform for High-Quality Speech and NLP Workflows.
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Improving Production Logistics Through Materials Flow Control and Lot Splitting.
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Giving Voices to Multimodal Applications.
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"Read That Article": Exploring Synergies between Gaze and Speech Interaction.
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Can Ultrasonic Doppler Help Detecting Nasality for Silent Speech Interfaces? - An Exploratory Analysis based on Alignement of the Doppler Signal with Velum Aperture Information from Real-Time MRI.
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Multimodal Corpora for Silent Speech Interaction.
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Assessing the Applicability of Surface EMG to Tongue Gesture Detection.
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