Juan F. Inglés-Romero

According to our database1, Juan F. Inglés-Romero authored at least 16 papers between 2010 and 2020.

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QoS Metrics-in-the-Loop for Better Robot Navigation.
Proceedings of the Advances in Physical Agents II, 2020

Modeling and Estimation of Non-functional Properties: Leveraging the Power of QoS Metrics.
Proceedings of the From Bioinspired Systems and Biomedical Applications to Machine Learning, 2019

A Component-Based and Model-Driven Approach to Deal with Non-Functional Properties through Global QoS Metrics.
Proceedings of MODELS 2018 Workshops: ModComp, 2018

Towards the use of Quality-of-Service Metrics in Reinforcement Learning: A Robotics Example.
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Traffic Metrics at Urban Intersections using a Low-Cost Image Processing Approach.
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Towards the Application of Global Quality-of-Service Metrics in Biometric Systems.
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Proactive Intelligent System for Optimizing Traffic Signaling.
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Towards a Stepwise Variability Management Process for Complex Systems: A Robotics Perspective.
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Dealing with Run-Time Variability in Service Robotics: Towards a DSL for Non-Functional Properties
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A Model-Based Approach to Develop Self-Adaptive Data Visualizations.
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Managing Run-Time Variability in Robotics Software by Modeling Functional and Non-functional Behavior.
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Towards a Formal Approach for Prototyping and Verifying Self-Adaptive Systems.
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Towards the Automatic Generation of Self-Adaptive Robotics Software: An Experience Report.
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HuRoME: Entorno para Modelado de Coreografías y Modernización de Código para un Robot Humanoide.
Proceedings of the XV Jornadas de Ingeniería del Software y Bases de Datos (JISBD 2010), 2010