Jun Hao

According to our database1, Jun Hao authored at least 15 papers between 2014 and 2020.

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Comparison Lift: Bandit-based Experimentation System for Online Advertising.
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Multi-objective artificial bee colony algorithm for multi-stage resource leveling problem in sharing logistics network.
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Opportunistic routing with data fusion for multi-source wireless sensor networks.
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Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning Embedded Game for the Optimization of Building Energy Control and Power System Planning.
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Game-Theoretic Energy Consumption Planning at Distribution Level for Future Smart Grid.
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Ensemble forecasting for electricity consumption based on nonlinear optimization.
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Approximating the k-Minimum Distance Rumor Source Detection in Online Social Networks.
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Social energy: mining energy from the society.
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LADDER: A Human-Level Bidding Agent for Large-Scale Real-Time Online Auctions.
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Design optimization of resource combination for collaborative logistics network under uncertainty.
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Joint real-time energy and demand-response management using a hybrid coalitional-noncooperative game.
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Prediction of a bed-exit motion: Multi-modal sensing approach and incorporation of biomechanical knowledge.
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