Chen Shen

According to our database1, Chen Shen authored at least 106 papers between 2002 and 2021.

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Robust measurement fusion steady-state estimator design for multisensor networked systems with random two-step transmission delays and missing measurements.
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Recovering Network Structures Based on Evolutionary Game Dynamics via Secure Dimensional Reduction.
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PPG-based singing voice conversion with adversarial representation learning.
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Iterative Decomposition of Joint Chance Constraints in OPF.
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Cannot Predict Comment Volume of a News Article before (a few) Users Read It.
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Optimal Emergency Frequency Control Based on Coordinated Droop in Multi-Infeed Hybrid AC-DC System.
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Privacy-preserving Distributed Probabilistic Load Flow.
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Privacy-Preserving Distributed Clustering for Electrical Load Profiling.
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A General Initialization Scheme for Electromagnetic Transient Simulation: Towards Large-Scale Hybrid AC-DC Grids.
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Phonetics and Ambiguity Comprehension Gated Attention Network for Humor Recognition.
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Social networking site use in young adolescents: Association with health-related quality of life and behavioural difficulties.
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Expressive Public-Key Encryption With Keyword Search: Generic Construction From KP-ABE and an Efficient Scheme Over Prime-Order Groups.
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Multi-level Similarity Perception Network for Person Re-identification.
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Sharp Attention Network via Adaptive Sampling for Person Re-Identification.
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High entropy secrecy generation from wireless CIR.
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Classification Method of Teaching Resources Based on Improved KNN Algorithm.
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Scene-based Factored Attention for Image Captioning.
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Distributed Stability Conditions for Power Systems with Heterogeneous Nonlinear Bus Dynamics.
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Emergency DC Power Support Strategy Based on Coordinated Droop Control in Multi-Infeed HVDC System.
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A Distributed Privacy-preserving Incremental Update Algorithm for Probability Distribution of Wind Power Forecast Error.
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CloudPSS: A High-Performance Power System Simulator Based on Cloud Computing.
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Privacy-Preserving Probabilistic Forecasting for Temporal-spatial Correlated Wind Farms.
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Globality-Locality Preserving Maximum Variance Extreme Learning Machine.
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Biomedical event trigger detection with convolutional highway neural network and extreme learning machine.
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The effect of multigame on cooperation in spatial network.
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Delay-Dependent Small-Signal Stability Analysis and Compensation Method for Distributed Secondary Control of Microgrids.
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Golay Code Based Bit Mismatch Mitigation for Wireless Channel Impulse Response Based Secrecy Generation.
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Throughput Analysis between Unicast and MBSFN from Link Level to System Level.
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Improving V-Nets for multi-class abdominal organ segmentation.
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Colloquial Image Captioning.
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Electro-thermal analysis of IGBT module from 3D CAD model.
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Single-event multiple transients in guard-ring hardened inverter chains of different layout designs.
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A novel robot kinematic calibration method based on common perpendicular line model.
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A Kullback-Leibler-Based IMM Information Filter for the Jump Markov System with Unknown Noise.
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Privacy-Preserving Distributed Joint Probability Modeling for Spatial-Correlated Wind Farms.
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Deep learning and its application to medical image segmentation.
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On the influence of Dice loss function in multi-class organ segmentation of abdominal CT using 3D fully convolutional networks.
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Fast Searching Strategy for Critical Cascading Paths Toward Blackouts.
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Optimal Operation Planning for Orchestrating Multiple Pulsed Loads With Transient Stability Constraints in Isolated Power Systems.
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Topic-Guided Automatical Human-Simulated Tweeting System.
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A Sound Image Reproduction Model Based on Personalized Weight Vectors.
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Previewer for Multi-Scale Object Detector.
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Multi-Level Power-Imbalance Allocation Control for Secondary Frequency Control in Power Systems.
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Silhouette sketching on "inside out".
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