Jun Wan

According to our database1, Jun Wan authored at least 34 papers between 2006 and 2020.

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Robust face alignment by cascaded regression and de-occlusion.
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Learning spatial-temporally regularized complementary kernelized correlation filters for visual tracking.
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Expected Constant Round Byzantine Broadcast under Dishonest Majority.
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Robust Face Alignment by Multi-order High-precision Hourglass Network.
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Think about boundary: Fusing multi-level boundary information for landmark heatmap regression.
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Nuclear-Norm-Based Jointly Sparse Regression for Two-Dimensional Image Regression.
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DeepGini: prioritizing massive tests to enhance the robustness of deep neural networks.
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Face alignment by Component Adaptive Mechanism.
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Non-adaptive space-time clutter canceller for multi-channel synthetic aperture radar.
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DeepGini: Prioritizing Massive Tests to Reduce Labeling Cost.
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Transmission Strategy Design and Resource Allocation in D2D Multicast Cooperative Communications with SWIPT.
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A hybrid CHAOS-PSO algorithm for dimensional synthesis of a redundant manipulator based on tracking trajectories without or with singularities.
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Research on the Impetus Mechanism of the Evolution of Knowledge Networks.
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Evaluation Model of Credibility of E-Commerce Website Using Fuzzy Multi-Attribute Group Decision Making: Based on Fuzzy Structured Element.
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A 16 Gb 3-Bit Per Cell (X3) NAND Flash Memory on 56 nm Technology With 8 MB/s Write Rate.
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The Sample Number Selection Rules Study on Grey Forecast Model.
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Service Design for Product Lifecycle in Service Oriented Manufacturing.
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Research on The Intraday Periodities Based on Maximum Overlap Discrete Wavelet Transformations.
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