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According to our database1, Jian Sun authored at least 175 papers between 1995 and 2019.

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IEEE Fellow 2015, "For contributions to modeling and control of power electronic circuits and systems".



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Adaptive Consensus-Based Distributed Target Tracking With Dynamic Cluster in Sensor Networks.
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Social multi-modal event analysis via knowledge-based weighted topic model.
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Research on vocal sounding based on spectrum image analysis.
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An Experimental Study of Relationship Between Magnetic Induction Phase Shift and Brain Parenchyma Volume With Brain Edema in Traumatic Brain Injury.
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A Clinical Research on Real-Time Monitoring of Cerebral Edema After Basal Ganglia Hemorrhage Based on Near-Field Coupling Phase Shift Technology.
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Event-Triggered Control for Uncertain Linear Systems.
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Twenty-Four-Hour Real-Time Continuous Monitoring of Cerebral Edema in Rabbits Based on a Noninvasive and Noncontact System of Magnetic Induction.
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1H-MRS technique and spectroscopic imaging LCModel based adolescent obese metabolic syndrome research.
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Online Estimation of the Adhesion Coefficient and Its Derivative Based on the Cascading SMC Observer.
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Estimation of delay variability at signalized intersections for urban arterial performance evaluation.
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Multiple Chaos Embedded Gravitational Search Algorithm.
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Using a Single Dendritic Neuron to Forecast Tourist Arrivals to Japan.
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Variance-constrained state estimation for nonlinear complex networks with uncertain coupling strength.
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Structure descriptor for surface passivation in the simulation of atomistic models.
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Method for monitoring the cotton plant vigor based on the WSN technology.
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