Junsheng Yu

According to our database1, Junsheng Yu authored at least 20 papers between 2007 and 2018.

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A Compact Multi-Beam End-Fire Circularly Polarized Septum Antenna Array for Millimeter-Wave Applications.
IEEE Access, 2018

Millimeter-Wave Frequency Beam Scanning Array With a Phase Shifter Based on Substrate-Integrated-Waveguide.
IEEE Access, 2018

High Gain, Broadband and Dual-Polarized Substrate Integrated Waveguide Cavity-Backed Slot Antenna Array for 60 GHz Band.
IEEE Access, 2018

Wideband Circularly Polarized Antipodal Curvedly Tapered Slot Antenna Array for 5G Applications.
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 2017

Achievement of High-Response Organic Field-Effect Transistor NO2 Sensor by Using the Synergistic Effect of ZnO/PMMA Hybrid Dielectric and CuPc/Pentacene Heterojunction.
Sensors, 2016

Interference alignment with random vector quantisation in device-to-device underlaying cellular networks.
IET Communications, 2016

Influence of interlayer on the performance of phosphorescent white organic light-emitting devices.
Displays, 2012

Comparison of electron transporting layer in white OLED with a double emissive layer structure.
Displays, 2012

Non-doped white organic light-emitting diodes consisting of three primary colors based on a bipolar emitter.
Displays, 2012

Film thickness influence of dual iridium complex ultrathin layers on the performance of nondoped white organic light-emitting diodes.
Displays, 2011

A Manageable Small World for Collaborative Enterprises Social Network.
Proceedings of the 12th IEEE Conference on Commerce and Enterprise Computing, 2010

White organic light-emitting diodes with improved performance using phosphorescent sensitizer and ultrathin fluorescent emitter.
Displays, 2009

Small molecular and polymer organic light-emitting diodes based on novel iridium complex phosphor.
Displays, 2008

Prioritizing Default Rules Embedded in Description Logic Knowledge Base.
Proceedings of the Ninth ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering, 2008

A Prioritized Default Extension to Description Logic Knowledge Base.
Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery, 2008

A novel WSN based intelligent training system for children's sensory integration.
Proceedings of the IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems, 2008

Towards Small World for Collaborative Enterprises in Grid.
Proceedings of the 16th IEEE International Workshops on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructures for Collaborative Enterprises (WETICE 2007), 2007

A Novel Cooperative Computing Model for Grid.
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Semantics, 2007

Effective content organization and retrieval within point-to-multipoint channels towards mobile grid IPTV.
Proceedings of the 1st International ICST Conference on Networks for Grid Applications, 2007

Make Highly Clustered Grid a Small World with Shorter Diameter.
Proceedings of the Grid and Cooperative Computing, 2007