Wen Wen

According to our database1, Wen Wen authored at least 69 papers between 1991 and 2019.

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Changes in Body Representation of the Human Upper Limb as a Function of Movement and Visual Hand Position.
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Skill Abstraction of Physical Therapists in Hemiplegia Patient Rehabilitation Using a Walking Assist Robot.
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The Role of Venture Capital in the Formation of a New Technological Ecosystem: Evidence from the Cloud.
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Control Changes the Way We Look at the World.
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Skill Extraction from Nursing Care Service Using Sliding Sheet.
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Investigating the relationship between driver's sense of agency and EEG: Mu-rhythm is more suppressed in higher SoA case.
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Opening Up Intellectual Property Strategy: Implications for Open Source Software Entry by Start-up Firms.
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Do patent commons and standards-setting organizations help navigate patent thickets?
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How anticipation for the sense of agency affects readiness potential.
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The role of venture capitalists in the formation of new technological trajectories: Evidence from the Cloud.
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Decentralized CRT-Based Efficient Verifiable (n, t, n) Multi-secret Sharing Scheme.
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WLCleaner: Reducing Energy Waste Caused by WakeLock Bugs at Runtime.
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Product named entity recognition for Chinese query questions based on a skip-chain CRF model.
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Research Note - The Impact of Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement on Open Source Software Project Success.
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Individual Differences in the Encoding Processes of Egocentric and Allocentric Survey Knowledge.
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Regularized Gaussian Mixture Model based discretization for gene expression data association mining.
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