Min Zhou

According to our database1, Min Zhou authored at least 104 papers between 1999 and 2020.

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Local Attention Networks for Occluded Airplane Detection in Remote Sensing Images.
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BNGBS: An efficient network boosting system with triple incremental learning capabilities for more nodes, samples, and classes.
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Progressive Feature Polishing Network for Salient Object Detection.
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High-efficiency K-band MMIC power amplifier using multi-harmonic load terminations.
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Workload Analysis, Implications, and Optimization on a Production Hadoop Cluster: A Case Study on Taobao.
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Fuzzy Gamma Modules Based on Fuzzy Binary Operations.
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Transient Characteristics of a Fuel Cell Powered UAV Propulsion System.
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CCLAS: A Practical and Compact Certificateless Aggregate Signature with Share Extraction.
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A Sharp Upper Bound on the Least Signless Laplacian Eigenvalue Using Domination Number.
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Delay modulation for TWDM PONs.
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Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution in Surface Soils of Hankou Region in Wuhan, China.
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Spatial Distribution of Heavy Metals in Roadside Soils Based on Voronoi Diagram: A Case Study of Wuhan City.
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The Design and Use of a Computerized Management of Follow-up Data for Liver Transplantation Patients.
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An Intelligent Communication Path Planning Method of Metallurgical Equipment Multi-Dimensional Information Space.
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A method for evaluating environmental performance of machining systems.
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Electronic poster: co-visualization of full data and in situ data extracts from unstructured grid cfd at 160k cores.
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