Juan Zhao

According to our database1, Juan Zhao authored at least 65 papers between 2001 and 2019.

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Multiple Attribute Decision-Making Methods with Unbalanced Linguistic Variables Based on Maclaurin Symmetric Mean Operators.
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Stochastic Channel Selection for UAV-Aided Data Collection.
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Transfer learning for detecting unknown network attacks.
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Three-dimensional histogram shifting for reversible data hiding.
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A Reliable Data Provenance and Privacy Preservation Architecture for Business-Driven Cyber-Physical Systems Using Blockchain.
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Improved RIP-based performance guarantees for multipath matching pursuit.
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A Mutual Subsidy Mechanism for a Seasonal Product Supply Chain Channel Under Double Price Regulation.
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An Object Segmentation Method Based on Image Contour and Local Convexity for 3D Vision Guided Bin-Picking Applications.
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Summary++: Summarizing Chinese News Articles with Attention.
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PBCS: An Efficient Parallel Characteristic Set Method for Solving Boolean Polynomial Systems.
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Characterizing and Discriminating Individual Steady State of Disease-Associated Pathway.
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Security of Multi-antenna Laptop Wirelessly Access to Internet of Things Networks.
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Using Topic Modeling to Identify Relationship between LPA Variant and Disease Phenotypes.
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Parameter-searched OMP method for eliminating basis mismatch in space-time spectrum estimation.
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Fast FOCUSS method based on bi-conjugate gradient and its application to space-time clutter spectrum estimation.
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An Influence Field Perspective on Predicting User's Retweeting Behavior.
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The text analysis and processing of Thai language text to speech conversion system.
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Unambiguous SAR imaging from non-uniform sampling with simple fractional Fourier transform.
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A Data Hiding Algorithm for 3D Videos Based on Inter-MBs.
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Recommending funding collaborators with scholar social networks.
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ABC Algorithm for VRP.
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WindSat Radio-Frequency Interference Signature and Its Identification Over Greenland and Antarctic.
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DSN: A Knowledge-Based Scholar Networking Practice Towards Research Community.
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