Kan Liu

According to our database1, Kan Liu authored at least 41 papers between 2004 and 2019.

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Learning Compact Appearance Representation for Video-Based Person Re-Identification.
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Highly Efficient Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells Using a Simple Wedge-Shaped Microfluidic Device.
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Particle tracking velocimetry and flame front detection techniques on commercial aircraft debris striking events.
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Video-Based Pedestrian Re-Identification by Adaptive Spatio-Temporal Appearance Model.
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Online Inductor Parameters Identification by Small-Signal Injection for Sensorless Predictive Current Controlled Boost Converter.
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Patch-Based correlation for deghosting in exposure fusion.
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Learning Compact Appearance Representation for Video-based Person Re-Identification.
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Identification of differential alternative splicing events with an adjusted beta-distribution model.
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高动态范围成像技术中的鬼影检测与去除方法综述 (Survey of Ghost Detection and Removal Methods in HDR Imaging Technology).
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Deep Neural Networks for wireless localization in indoor and outdoor environments.
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An intelligent drug matching method for traditional Chinese medicine.
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A Wearable NFC Wristband to Locate Dementia Patients through a Participatory Sensing System.
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A Spatio-Temporal Appearance Representation for Viceo-Based Pedestrian Re-Identification.
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Wi-Fi positioning based on deep learning.
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Online estimating voltage source inverter nonlinearity for PMSM by Adaline neural network.
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Visual Analysis of Customer Data in Commercial Banks.
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Visual Analysis of Usage Efficiency of Library Books.
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