Kevin D. Jones

According to our database1, Kevin D. Jones authored at least 25 papers between 1987 and 2020.

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Smart Security Audit: Reinforcement Learning with a Deep Neural Network Approximator.
Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Cyber Situational Awareness, 2020

Situational Awareness: Examining Factors that Affect Cyber-Risks in the Maritime Sector.
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Forensic Readiness within the Maritime Sector.
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New insights into autonomous soaring.
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Verifying Inevitability of Oscillation in Ring Oscillators Using the Deductive SOS-QE Approach.
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Live-fly, large-scale field experimentation for large numbers of fixed-wing UAVs.
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Inevitability of Phase-locking in a Charge Pump Phase Lock Loop using Deductive Verification.
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Verifying inevitability of phase-locking in a charge pump phase lock loop using sum of squares programming.
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Verifying robust frequency domain properties of non linear oscillators using SMT.
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Planning for opportunistic surveillance with multiple robots.
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Modeling Security Policy and the Effect for End-Users.
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Rapid Flight Control Prototyping - Steps toward cooperative mission-oriented capabilities.
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How to Fail When Using Internal Social Media.
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Thermal highs and pitfall lows - notes on the journey to the first cooperative autonomous soaring flight.
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Analog property checkers: a DDR2 case study.
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A Formal Semantics for a DataFlow Machine - Using VDM.
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Support Environments for VDM.
Proceedings of the VDM '87, VDM - A Formal Method at Work, 1987