Lin Feng

According to our database1, Lin Feng authored at least 88 papers between 2010 and 2021.

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Social Neighborhood Graph and Multigraph Fusion Ranking for Multifeature Image Retrieval.
IEEE Trans. Neural Networks Learn. Syst., 2021

Bottom-up broadcast neural network for music genre classification.
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Bi-DAINet: Bi-Directional Discard-Accept-Integrate Network for salient object detection.
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Multi-view Low-rank Preserving Embedding: A novel method for multi-view representation.
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Deep graph convolution neural network with non-negative matrix factorization for community discovery.
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Self-Supervised Deep Graph Embedding with High-Order Information Fusion for Community Discovery.
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Multimodal-Aware Weakly Supervised Metric Learning with Self-weighting Triplet Loss.
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Multi-view reconstructive preserving embedding for dimension reduction.
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Analysis of journal evaluation indicators: an experimental study based on unsupervised Laplacian score.
Scientometrics, 2020

Correction to: Analysis of journal evaluation indicators: an experimental study based on unsupervised Laplacian score.
Scientometrics, 2020

Multi-feature weighting neighborhood density clustering.
Neural Comput. Appl., 2020

Manifold graph embedding with structure information propagation for community discovery.
Knowl. Based Syst., 2020

The similarity-consensus regularized multi-view learning for dimension reduction.
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Multi-view Locality Low-rank Embedding for Dimension Reduction.
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Cascade regression based on extreme learning machine for face alignment.
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Deep attention based music genre classification.
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Fuzzy granularity neighborhood extreme clustering.
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An incrementally cascaded broad learning framework to facial landmark tracking.
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Self-adaption neighborhood density clustering method for mixed data stream with concept drift.
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FSD-10: A Dataset for Competitive Sports Content Analysis.
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Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Journal Impact Factor Dynamics Based on Submission and Citation Rules.
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Contour-Aware Recurrent Cross Constraint Network for Salient Object Detection.
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Parallel Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks-Based Music Genre Classification Method for Mobile Devices.
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Scatter Balance based Semi-supervised Dimensional Reduction.
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Bionic Vision Descriptor for Image Retrieval.
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An ELM based local topology preserving hashing.
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Multi-view laplacian least squares for human emotion recognition.
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Rough extreme learning machine: A new classification method based on uncertainty measure.
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Hierarchic Neighbors Embedding.
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Color Recognition for Rubik's Cube Robot.
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Face Alignment via Multi-Regressors Collaborative Optimization.
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A Greedy Multiple Fixed Node Networking Algorithm for Indoor Environmental Monitoring Scenarios.
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A Fast Online Cascaded Regression Algorithm for Face Alignment.
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Color Recognition for Rubik's Cube Robot.
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Manifold Warp Segmentation of Human Action.
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Global similarity preserving hashing.
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Quasi-curvature Local Linear Projection and Extreme Learning Machine for nonlinear dimensionality reduction.
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Perceptual Visual Interactive Learning.
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An Ensemble Extreme Learning Machine for Data Stream Classification.
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Sensor Network Oriented Human Motion Segmentation With Motion Change Measurement.
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Multi-view spectral clustering via robust local subspace learning.
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Robust discriminative extreme learning machine for relevance feedback in image retrieval.
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A novel target tracking method based on OSELM.
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Image retrieval framework based on texton uniform descriptor and modified manifold ranking.
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Spectral embedding-based multiview features fusion for content-based image retrieval.
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Multi-view metric learning based on KL-divergence for similarity measurement.
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Music Genre Classification with Paralleling Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network.
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Hand Gesture Recognition with Leap Motion.
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Rough extreme learning machine: a new classification method based on uncertainty measure.
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Neural method for Explicit Mapping of Quasi-curvature Locally Linear Embedding in image retrieval.
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Concept drift detection for data stream learning based on angle optimized global embedding and principal component analysis in sensor networks.
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Extend semi-supervised ELM and a frame work.
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Fusion framework for color image retrieval based on bag-of-words model and color local Haar binary patterns.
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Multi-view Sparsity Preserving Projection for dimension reduction.
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A Novel Multi-Feature Representation of Images for Heterogeneous IoTs.
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A Convolutional Neural Network Model for Online Medical Guidance.
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An Efficient Tree-Based Self-Organizing Protocol for Internet of Things.
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