Lingling Xu

According to our database1, Lingling Xu authored at least 55 papers between 2007 and 2019.

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Tc-PEDCKS: Towards time controlled public key encryption with delegatable conjunctive keyword search for Internet of Things.
J. Network and Computer Applications, 2019

Multi-feature local sparse representation for infrared pedestrian tracking.
TIIS, 2019

Re-curation and rational enrichment of knowledge graphs in Biological Expression Language.
Database, 2019

High-Capacity Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images by Bit Plane Partition and MSB Prediction.
IEEE Access, 2019

Understanding Content Voting Based on Social Foraging Theory.
IEEE Trans. Engineering Management, 2017

Design and theoretical analysis of virtual machine placement algorithm based on peak workload characteristics.
Soft Comput., 2017

A novel hybrid method for robust infrared target detection.
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Two-Factor Data Access Control With Efficient Revocation for Multi-Authority Cloud Storage Systems.
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Achieving Simple, Secure and Efficient Hierarchical Access Control in Cloud Computing.
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Solutions to the anti-piracy problem in oblivious transfer.
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Anonymous authentication for circuits from correlation-relaxed two-to-one recoding.
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A fine-grained attribute-based authentication for sensitive data stored in cloud computing.
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Coarser-Grained Multi-user Searchable Encryption in Hybrid Cloud.
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Bidirectional Analysis Method of Static XSS Defect Detection Technique Based On Database Query Language.
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Analyses of several recently proposed group key management schemes.
Security and Communication Networks, 2015

Quantum private comparison with a malicious third party.
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Server-Aided Verification Signature with Privacy for Mobile Computing.
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An Improved Cloud Data Sharing Scheme with Hierarchical Attribute Structure.
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A Backward Unlinkable Secret Handshake Scheme with Revocation Support in the Standard Model.
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Modeling and optimization control of a demand-driven, conveyor-serviced production station.
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Understanding the continuance use of social network sites: a computer self-efficacy perspective.
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Secure Image Deduplication in Cloud Storage.
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Provably Secure Group Key Management Approach Based upon Hyper-Sphere.
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Timed-release oblivious transfer.
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Yet another attack on the chinese remainder theorem-based hierarchical access control scheme.
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An improved first-order primal-dual algorithm with a new correction step.
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Yet Another Attack On the Chinese Remainder Theorem Based Hierarchical Access Control Scheme.
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Attacks and Comments on Several Recently Proposed Key Management Schemes.
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A new partial splitting augmented Lagrangian method for minimizing the sum of three convex functions.
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The Moderating Effects of Utilitarian and Hedonic Values on Information Technology Continuance.
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An improved two-step method for solving generalized Nash equilibrium problems.
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Secret handshakes from ID-based message recovery signatures: A new generic approach.
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Toward Understanding the Capability Cycle of Software Process Improvement: A Case Study of a Software Service Company.
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Understanding Users' Continuance of Facebook: The Role of General and Specific Computer Self-Efficacy.
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The Improvement of C-V Level Set Method for Image Segmentation.
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