Jing Sun

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Integration of transcriptomic analysis and multiple machine learning approaches identifies NAFLD progression-specific hub genes to reveal distinct genomic patterns and actionable targets.
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Hypoxia within tumor microenvironment characterizes distinct genomic patterns and aids molecular subtyping for guiding individualized immunotherapy.
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Research on the Quality Control Method of Cultural Heritage Digital Information Service: A Case Study of the Digital Cultural Relics Library Platform of the Palace Museum in Beijing.
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The contingent roles of market turbulence and organizational innovativeness on the relationships among interfirm trust, formal contracts, interfirm knowledge sharing and firm performance.
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State of Health Estimation for Battery Modules with Parallel-Connected Cells Under Cell-to-Cell Variations.
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Survey on Quality Assurance of Smart Contracts.
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A Comparative Evaluation of Automated Analysis Tools for Solidity Smart Contracts.
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MB-HGCN: A Hierarchical Graph Convolutional Network for Multi-behavior Recommendation.
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Introduction of an intriguing approach for eletric current transformer on-site examining repairing.
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Nursing Intervention of Children's Lower Limb Chronic Wound Healing Under Artificial Intelligence.
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