Marco Nalin

According to our database1, Marco Nalin authored at least 19 papers between 2007 and 2019.

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The European cross-border health data exchange roadmap: Case study in the Italian setting.
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Comprehensive user requirements engineering methodology for secure and interoperable health data exchange.
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The Technology-Enhanced Ability Continuum-of-Care Home Program for People with Cognitive Disorders: Concept Design and Scenario of Use.
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Building an Ethical Framework for Cross-Border Applications: The KONFIDO Project.
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What a robotic companion could do for a diabetic child.
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Child-robot interaction in the wild: advice to the aspiring experimenter.
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Adapting robot behavior to user's capabilities: a dance instruction study.
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The huggable: a platform for research in robotic companions for pediatric care.
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Angel System & Platform Architecture.
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