Maryam Dehghani

According to our database1, Maryam Dehghani authored at least 28 papers between 2009 and 2022.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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Intrusion Detection, Measurement Correction, and Attack Localization of PMU Networks.
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Robust dynamic output feedback control of blood glucose level in diabetic rat with robust descriptor Kalman filter.
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Dynamic GPS Spoofing Attack Detection, Localization, and Measurement Correction Exploiting PMU and SCADA.
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A non-conservative state feedback control methodology for linear systems with state delay.
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Designing controller parameters of an LPV system via design space exploration.
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Urban Change Detection by Fully Convolutional Siamese Concatenate Network with Attention.
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Hardware-in-the-loop control of glucose in diabetic patients based on nonlinear time-varying blood glucose model.
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Linear parameter varying model of COVID-19 pandemic exploiting basis functions.
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Stability analysis of systems with time-varying delays using overlapped switching Lyapunov Krasovskii functional.
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Intelligent GPS Spoofing Attack Detection in Power Grids.
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Predicting solutions of large-scale optimization problems via machine learning: A case study in blood supply chain management.
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Robust LPV control design for blood glucose regulation considering daily life factors.
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A New Fusion Estimation Method for Multi-Rate Multi-Sensor Systems With Missing Measurements.
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Fuzzy model-based controller for blood glucose control in type 1 diabetes: An LMI approach.
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