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According to our database1, Maurizio Marchese authored at least 80 papers between 1992 and 2021.

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A Maker Approach For The Future Of Learning.
Proceedings of the FabLearn Europe / MakeEd 2021: FabLearn Europe / MakeEd 2021, 2021

'I do not share it with others. No, it's for me, it's my care': On sharing of patient accessible electronic health records.
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Prove Me Wrong! How Debating Becomes the Secret Weapon to Teach ICT Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
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A Constructivist Redesign of a Graduate-level CS Course to Address Content Obsolescence and Student Motivation.
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Message from the Program Chairs and Industry Panel Chairs.
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Information Design in An Aged Care Context: Views of Older Adults on Information Sharing in a Care Triad.
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