Michael A. Madaio

  • Carnegie Mellon University

According to our database1, Michael A. Madaio authored at least 25 papers between 2015 and 2022.

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Seeing Like a Toolkit: How Toolkits Envision the Work of AI Ethics.
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Assessing the Fairness of AI Systems: AI Practitioners' Processes, Challenges, and Needs for Support.
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Stakeholder Participation in AI: Beyond "Add Diverse Stakeholders and Stir".
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Risks of AI Foundation Models in Education.
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Confronting Structural Inequities in AI for Education.
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Collective Support and Independent Learning with a Voice-Based Literacy Technology in Rural Communities.
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Co-Designing Checklists to Understand Organizational Challenges and Opportunities around Fairness in AI.
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"I Think It Might Help If We Multiply, and Not Add": Detecting Indirectness in Conversation.
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