Mohammad Rahmati

Orcid: 0000-0002-0591-6910

According to our database1, Mohammad Rahmati authored at least 83 papers between 1994 and 2023.

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Learning graph from graph signals: An approach based on sensitivity analysis over a deep learning framework.
Knowl. Based Syst., 2023

SegLoc: Visual Self-supervised Learning Scheme for Dense Prediction Tasks of Security Inspection X-ray Images.
CoRR, 2023

On Continuity of Robust and Accurate Classifiers.
CoRR, 2023

Regularized Complete Cycle Consistent GAN for Anomaly Detection.
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Double JPEG compression detection and localization based on convolutional auto-encoder for image content removal.
Digit. Signal Process., 2022

An Analytic Framework for Robust Training of Artificial Neural Networks.
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Triple Motion Estimation and Frame Interpolation based on Adaptive Threshold for Frame Rate Up-Conversion.
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Adaptive content suppression based on shared-hidden-layer convolutional autoencoder for blind image forensics.
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Entropy based dictionary learning for image classification.
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Identity-Preserving Pose-Robust Face Hallucination Through Face Subspace Prior.
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Xp-GAN: Unsupervised Multi-object Controllable Video Generation.
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Maximum Entropy Weighted Independent Set Pooling for Graph Neural Networks.
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Topology-Aware Graph Signal Sampling for Pooling in Graph Neural Networks.
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Cross-domain recommender system using generalized canonical correlation analysis.
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Low resolution face recognition using a two-branch deep convolutional neural network architecture.
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Abnormal Event Detection in Urban Surveillance Videos Using GAN and Transfer Learning.
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Towards Explaining Adversarial Examples Phenomenon in Artificial Neural Networks.
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Steganography in discrete wavelet transform based on human visual system and cover model.
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Robust subspace clustering for image data using clean dictionary estimation and group lasso based matrix completion.
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Dictionary learning enhancement framework: Learning a non-linear mapping model to enhance discriminative dictionary learning methods.
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A new class of multi-stable neural networks: Stability analysis and learning process.
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An efficient steganographic framework based on dynamic blocking and genetic algorithm.
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An information theoretic approach to hierarchical clustering combination.
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Expectation maximization based ordering aggregation for improving the K2 structure learning algorithm.
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Learning Inductive Riemannian Manifold in Abstract Form by Modeling Embedded Dynamical System.
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Comparing weighted combination of hierarchical clustering based on Cophenetic measure.
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Support vector regression for rate prediction in distributed video coding.
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Agreement/disagreement based crowd labeling.
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Mapping to optimal regions; A new method for multi-class classification task to reduce complexity.
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Theoretical aspects of mapping to multidimensional optimal regions as a multi-classifier.
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A Hybrid Approach to Localize Farsi Text in Natural Scene Images.
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Three new fuzzy neural networks learning algorithms based on clustering, training error and genetic algorithm.
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Feedback-free and hybrid distributed video coding using neural networks.
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Enhancing the Accuracy of Mapping to Multidimensional Optimal Regions using PCA.
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A Statistical Blind Image Steganalysis Based on Image Multi-classification.
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A New Method for Writer Identification and Verification Based on Farsi/Arabic Handwritten Texts.
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