Myriam Desainte-Catherine

According to our database1, Myriam Desainte-Catherine authored at least 45 papers between 1991 and 2021.

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MidifilePerformer: a case study for chronologies.
Proceedings of the FARM 2021: Proceedings of the 9th ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Functional Art, 2021

Timed Automata for Video Games and Interaction.
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Automatic Detection of Patient with Respiratory Diseases Using Lung Sound Analysis.
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Concurrent Constraint Conditional-Branching Timed Interactive Scores.
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Interaction musicale mumérique. Recréer les signaux du contrôle.
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An Extension of Interactive Scores for Multimedia Scenarios with Temporal Relations for Micro and Macro Controls.
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A Model for Interactive Scores with Temporal Constraints and Conditional Branching.
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Foundations for Reliable and Flexible Interactive Multimedia Scores.
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Rhythmic Similarity Based on a Descriptor Balancing between Meter and Tempo.
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Schemographe: Application for a New Representation Technique and Methodology of Analysis in Tonal Harmony.
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A Framework for Composition, Verification and Real-Time Performance of Multimedia Interactive Scenarios.
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Modelling Data Processing for Interactive Scores Using Coloured Petri Nets.
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LaBRI.Modélisation du son, de la parole et de la musique.
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Towards a Hybrid Temporal Paradigm for Musical Composition and Performance: The Case of Musical Interpretation.
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The T-calculus: towards a structured programing of (musical) time and space.
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On the Perception of Affect in the Singing Voice: A Study of Acoustic Cues.
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Improvised interfaces for real-time musical applications.
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Exemplar-based Assignment of Large Missing Audio Parts using String Matching on Tonal Features.
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DRILE: An Immersive Environment for Hierarchical Live-Looping.
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Combining Audiovisual Mappings For 3D Musical Interaction.
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Virage: Designing An Interactive Intermedia Sequencer From Users Requirements And Theorical Background.
Proceedings of the 2010 International Computer Music Conference, 2010

Piivert: Percussion-based interaction for immersive virtual environments.
Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces, 2010

iKlax: a New Musical Audio Format for Active Listening
CoRR, 2009

Opportunistic Music.
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Iklax: a New Musical audio Format for Interactive Music.
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Iscore: a system for writing interaction.
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Playing with sounds as playing video games.
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Modeling an air percussion for composition and performance.
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Audio Features for Noisy Sound Segmentation.
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Time Modeling for Musical Composition.
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A method for extraction of audio-visual leitmotif in movies by cross media analysis.
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The Architecture of a Musical Composition System Based on Constraint Resolution and Graph Rewriting.
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