Naveen Sivadasan

According to our database1, Naveen Sivadasan authored at least 42 papers between 2002 and 2022.

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Multi-label classification for biomedical literature: an overview of the BioCreative VII LitCovid Track for COVID-19 literature topic annotations.
CoRR, 2022

Adiabatic Quantum Feature Selection for Sparse Linear Regression.
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Sequence Alignment on Directed Graphs.
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Read Mapping on Genome Variation Graphs.
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On Polynomial Kernelization of H-free Edge Deletion.
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Kmerlight: fast and accurate k-mer abundance estimation.
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QR-code based chipless RFID system for unique identification.
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The chromatic discrepancy of graphs.
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Subgraph Similarity Search in Large Graphs.
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On Polynomial Kernelization of $\mathcal{H}$-free Edge Deletion.
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On Polynomial Kernelization of <i>H</i> -free Edge Deletion.
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GPU accelerated three dimensional unstructured geometric multigrid solver.
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Parallel AMG solver for three dimensional unstructured grids using GPU.
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Online Scheduling with Bounded Migration.
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On the cubicity of bipartite graphs.
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JDATATRANS for array obfuscation in Java source codes to defeat reverse engineering from decompiled codes.
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JDATATRANS for Array Obfuscation in Java Source Code to Defeat Reverse Engineering from Decompiled Codes
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On the Cubicity of Interval Graphs.
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On the Hadwiger's conjecture for graph products.
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Representing graphs as the intersection of axis-parallel cubes
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Geometric representation of graphs in low dimension
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Geometric Representation of Graphs in Low Dimension.
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Topology matters: Smoothed competitiveness of metrical task systems.
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On the Hadwiger number of hypercubes and its generalizations.
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Online problems and two-player games: algorithms and analysis.
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Energy Optimal Routing in Radio Networks Using Geometric Data Structures.
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