Peter Struss

According to our database1, Peter Struss authored at least 60 papers between 1985 and 2019.

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smartfit: Using Knowledge-based Configuration for Automatic Training Plan Generation.
Proceedings of the 21st Configuration Workshop, Hamburg, Germany, September 19-20, 2019., 2019

The qSafe Project - Developing a Tool for Current Practice in Functional Safety Analysis.
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Model-based Hazard and Impact Analysis.
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Model-based fault localization in bottling plants.
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Configuration as Diagnosis: Generating Configurations with Conflict-Directed A* - An Application to Training Plan Generation -.
Proceedings of the 26th International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis (DX-2015) co-located with 9th IFAC Symposium on Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety for Technical Processes (Safeprocess 2015), Paris, France, August 31, 2015

Combining Engineering and Qualitative Models to Fault Diagnosis in Air Handling Units.
Proceedings of the ECAI 2014 - 21st European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 18-22 August 2014, Prague, Czech Republic, 2014

Context modeling for dynamic configuration of automotive functions.
Proceedings of the 16th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2013

Model-based Analysis of Embedded Systems: Placing It upon Its Feet Instead of on Its Head - An Outsider's View.
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A Fault-model-based Debugging Aid for Data Warehouse Applications.
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Model-based Problem Solving.
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A Compositional Mathematical Model of Machines Transporting Rigid Objects.
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Model-Based Optimization of Testing through Reduction of Stimuli.
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Fault-Model-Based Test Generation for Embedded Software.
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Automated Test Generation from Models Based on Functional Software Specifications.
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Qualitative futures.
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Task-dependent qualitative domain abstraction.
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Model-based Systems: Theory and Industrial Applications.
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Model-Based Systems in the Automotive Industry.
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Current Topics in Qualitative Reasoning.
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Models of Behavior Deviations in Model-Based Systems.
Proceedings of the 16th Eureopean Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2004

AUTAS: A Tool for Supporting FMECA Generation in Aeronautic Systems.
Proceedings of the 16th Eureopean Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2004

Automated Qualitative Domain Abstraction.
Proceedings of the IJCAI-03, 2003

Modellbasierte Systeme und qualitative Modellierung.
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IDD: Integrating Diagnosis in the Design of automotive systems.
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A Prototype for Model-based On-board Diagnosis of Automotive Systems.
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Integrating Model-based Diagnosis Techniques into Current Work Processes - Three Case Studies from the INDIA Project.
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Meeting Re-use Requirements of Real-Life Diagnosis Applications.
Proceedings of the XPS-99: Knowledge-Based Systems, 1999

Modellbasierte Entscheidungsunterstützung im Umweltbereich mit qualitativen Modellen.
KI, 1998

Artifical Intelligence for Nature - Why Knowledge Representation and Problem Solving Should Play a Key Role in Environmental Decision Support.
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Eine strategische Diagnose-Initiative ist nötig.
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Model-Based Diagnosis with the Default-Based Diagnosis Engine: Effective Control Strategies that Work in Practice.
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Testing Physical Systems.
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Qualitative Modellierung physikalischer Systeme auf dem Weg zu Anwendungen.
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The Qualitative Reasoning Hypothesis: A Response to Sacks and Doyles' Prolegomena.
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Knowledge-based Diagnosis - An Important Challenge and Touchstone for AI.
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Back to Defatilts: Characterizing and Computing Diagnoses as Coherent Assumption Sets.
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Qualitative Modeling of Physical Systems in AI Research.
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Knowledge-based System - The Second Generation Sets to Work.
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Directions in AI Research and Applications at Siemens Corporate Research and Development.
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Qualitative Models for Diagnostic Systems.
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Workshop Qualitatives Schließen.
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Qualitative Reasoning.
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"Physical Negation" Integrating Fault Models into the General Diagnostic Engine.
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Structuring of models and reasoning about quantities in qualitative physics.
PhD thesis, 1989

Bericht über den 2. Qualitative Physics Workshop, Paris.
KI, 1988

Die gegenwärtige Qualität von Qualitative Reasoning.
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Mathematical aspects of qualitative reasoning.
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Global Filters for Qualitative Behaviors.
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A Framework for the Multiple Representation of Structure and Function in Expert Systems.
Proceedings of the GWAI-86 und 2. Österreichische Artificial-Intelligence-Tagung, 1986

Knowledge-Based Configuration of Operating Systems - Problems in Modeling the Domain.
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SICONFEX - ein Expertensystem für die Konfigurierung eines Betriebssystems.
Proceedings of the GI/OCG/ÖGI-Jahrestagung 1985, 1985