Qian Cao

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According to our database1, Qian Cao authored at least 102 papers between 2009 and 2024.

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DICaugment: A Python Package for 3D Medical Imaging Augmentation.
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Stability and uniqueness of generalized traveling front for non-autonomous Fisher-KPP equations with nonlocal diffusion.
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Positive almost periodicity on a <i>n</i> -species food chain system incorporating time-varying delays and polluted environments.
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TorchSpatial: A Location Encoding Framework and Benchmark for Spatial Representation Learning.
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Retaining Key Information under High Compression Ratios: Query-Guided Compressor for LLMs.
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TorchSurv: A Lightweight Package for Deep Survival Analysis.
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Debiasing the Disposition Effect with Noninvasive Brain Stimulation: The Role of Cognitive Control.
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On the Promises and Challenges of Multimodal Foundation Models for Geographical, Environmental, Agricultural, and Urban Planning Applications.
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Transformation vs Tradition: Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) for Arts and Humanities.
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Prediction of COVID-19 Data Using Improved ARIMA-LSTM Hybrid Forecast Models.
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Capo: Calibrating Device-to-Device Positioning with a Collaborative Network.
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Time-Triggered Reservation for Cooperative Random Access in Wireless LANs.
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Deep learning texture analysis for the assessment of trabecular bone stiffness in CT.
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Assistant Teaching System for Computer Hardware Courses Based on Large Language Model.
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The predictability of education attention for digital economy market.
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A Study of Teaching Practice in Econometrics Based on the OBE Concept based on system-GMM model.
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Optimal Layout of Heterogeneous Sensors for Traffic Accidents Detection and Prevention.
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Improved ENSO and PDO Prediction Skill Resulting from Finer Parameterization Schemes in a CGCM.
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Identification of the Urban Dry Islands Effect in Beijing: Evidence from Satellite and Ground Observations.
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Quantum Teleportation Error Suppression Algorithm Based on Convolutional Neural Networks and Quantum Topological Semion Codes.
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Dynamics analysis of delayed Nicholson-type systems involving patch structure and asymptotically almost periodic environments.
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Locality sensitive hashing-aware fruit fly optimization algorithm and its application in edge server placement.
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Route Planning for Chain Restaurants With Improved Delivery Mode Using an Adaptive Genetic Algorithm.
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Multi-Modal Experience Inspired AI Creation.
Proceedings of the MM '22: The 30th ACM International Conference on Multimedia, Lisboa, Portugal, October 10, 2022

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Exploration of Pixel Digital Visual Design.
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Characteristics of Interaction Design and Advantages of Network Teaching.
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