Qun Ma

According to our database1, Qun Ma authored at least 13 papers between 2003 and 2020.

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ABACUS: Address-partitioned Bloom filter on Address Checking for UniquenesS in IoT Blockchain.
Proceedings of the IEEE/ACM International Conference On Computer Aided Design, 2020

HF-BF: A Hotness-aware Fine-grained Bloom Filter for Unique Address Checking in IoT Blockchain.
Proceedings of the 22nd IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications; 18th IEEE International Conference on Smart City; 6th IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Systems, 2020

Edge Computing-based 3D Pose Estimation and Calibration for Robot Arms.
Proceedings of the 7th IEEE International Conference on Cyber Security and Cloud Computing, 2020

Using Recurrent Neural Network for Intelligent Prediction of Water Level in Reservoirs.
Proceedings of the 44th IEEE Annual Computers, Software, and Applications Conference, 2020

The brightness temperature adjusted dust index: An improved approach to detect dust storms using MODIS imagery.
Int. J. Appl. Earth Obs. Geoinformation, 2017

A Kalman filter for UWB positioning in LOS/NLOS scenarios.
Proceedings of the 2016 Fourth International Conference on Ubiquitous Positioning, 2016

Dynamics of Urbanization Levels in China from 1992 to 2012: Perspective from DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Data.
Remote. Sens., 2015

Modeling the spatiotemporal dynamics of electric power consumption in Mainland China using saturation-corrected DMSP/OLS nighttime stable light data.
Int. J. Digit. Earth, 2014

ProtoMol, an object-oriented framework for prototyping novel algorithms for molecular dynamics.
ACM Trans. Math. Softw., 2004

Verlet-I/R-RESPA/Impulse is Limited by Nonlinear Instabilities.
SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 2003

Targeted Mollified Impulse: A Multiscale Stochastic Integrator for Long Molecular Dynamics Simulations.
Multiscale Model. Simul., 2003

Nonlinear Instability in Multiple Time Stepping Molecular Dynamics.
Proceedings of the 2003 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC), 2003

Long Time Step Molecular Dynamics using Targeted Langevin Stabilization.
Proceedings of the 2003 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC), 2003