R. Srinivasan

According to our database1, R. Srinivasan authored at least 55 papers between 1979 and 2020.

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Perception based performance analysis of higher education institutions: a soft computing approach.
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Payload fragmentation framework for high-performance computing in cloud environment.
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A Capacitive-Coupled Noncontact Probe for the Measurement of Conductivity of Liquids.
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Energy Harvesting Based Efficient Routing Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network.
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Heavy ion impact on narrow band cascoded low noise amplifier.
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An auto-balancing signal conditioning scheme for non-contact measurement of conductivity of water.
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SET and SEU performance of single, double, triple and quadruple-gate junctionlessFETs using numerical simulations.
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Simulation of MapReduce Across Geographically Distributed Datacentres Using CloudSim.
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A Bio-Surveillance System using Efficient Algorithm for Information Sharing Applications.
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Estimating regional forest cover in East Texas using Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) data.
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AC: Cluster Based Secure Routing Protocol for WSN.
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Removal of ocular artifacts from EEG using an efficient neural network based adaptive filtering technique.
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Assessment of the impact of the journal literature produced by Indian CSIR laboratories using subfield corrected impact.
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Maintaining Temporal Coherency of Virtual Data Warehouses.
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A fault diagnosis methodology for the UltraSPARCTM-I microprocessor.
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On some results of Takács in ballot problems.
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