Satya Sanket Sahoo

According to our database1, Satya Sanket Sahoo authored at least 49 papers between 2005 and 2019.

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ProvCaRe: Characterizing scientific reproducibility of biomedical research studies using semantic provenance metadata.
I. J. Medical Informatics, 2019

Classification of Provenance Triples for Scientific Reproducibility: A Comparative Evaluation of Deep Learning Models in the ProvCaRe Project.
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An Extensible Ontology Modeling Approach Using Post Coordinated Expressions for Semantic Provenance in Biomedical Research.
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ProvCaRe Semantic Provenance Knowledgebase: Evaluating Scientific Reproducibility of Research Studies.
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A Flexible Computational Neuroinformatics Workflow for Computing Functional Networks in Epilepsy Neurological Disorder.
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Insight: An ontology-based integrated database and analysis platform for epilepsy self-management research.
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Managing information well: Toward an ontology-driven informatics platform for data sharing and secondary use in epilepsy self-management research centers.
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NeuroPigPen: A Scalable Toolkit for Processing Electrophysiological Signal Data in Neuroscience Applications Using Apache Pig.
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An Ontology-Enabled Natural Language Processing Pipeline for Provenance Metadata Extraction from Biomedical Text (Short Paper).
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Comparative Evaluation for Brain Structural Connectivity Approaches: Towards Integrative Neuroinformatics Tool for Epilepsy Clinical Research.
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Epilepsy and seizure ontology: towards an epilepsy informatics infrastructure for clinical research and patient care.
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Heart beats in the cloud: distributed analysis of electrophysiological 'Big Data' using cloud computing for epilepsy clinical research.
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Biomedical Big Data for Clinical Research and Patient Care: Role of Semantic Computing.
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Domain Ontology As Conceptual Model for Big Data Management: Application in Biomedical Informatics.
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From Questions to Effective Answers: On the Utility of Knowledge-Driven Querying Systems for Life Sciences Data.
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Cloudwave: Distributed Processing of "Big Data" from Electrophysiological Recordings for Epilepsy Clinical Research Using Hadoop.
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From Questions to Effective Answers: On the Utility of Knowledge-Driven Querying Systems for Life Sciences Data
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A semantic proteomics dashboard (SemPoD) for data management in translational research.
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The Ontology for Parasite Lifecycle (OPL): towards a consistent vocabulary of lifecycle stages in parasitic organisms.
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An Analysis of Multi-type Relational Interactions in FMA Using Graph Motifs with Disjointness Constraints.
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A Distributed Semantic Web Approach for Cohort Identification.
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OPIC: Ontology-driven Patient Information Capturing System for Epilepsy.
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Provenance of Microarray Experiments for a Better Understanding of Experiment Results.
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Janus: From Workflows to Semantic Provenance and Linked Open Data.
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Ontology-Driven Provenance Management in eScience: An Application in Parasite Research.
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