Fangfang Wu

Orcid: 0000-0002-2358-0293

According to our database1, Fangfang Wu authored at least 53 papers between 2000 and 2024.

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Memory Augmentation and Non-Local Spectral Attention for Hyperspectral Denoising.
Remote. Sens., June, 2024

Two-Dimensional Visible Synchrotron Radiation Interferometry for Measuring Transverse Beam-Profile at HLS-II.
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MBAN: multi-branch attention network for small object detection.
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Lattice Boltzmann Model for a Class of Time Fractional Partial Differential Equation.
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Deep Unfolding Network for Efficient Mixed Video Noise Removal.
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Approximation algorithms for scheduling monotonic moldable tasks on multiple platforms.
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Uncertainty-Driven Knowledge Distillation for Language Model Compression.
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An improved approximation algorithm for scheduling monotonic moldable tasks.
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Exploring Correlations in Degraded Spatial Identity Features for Blind Face Restoration.
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Low-Light Image Enhancement with Multi-stage Residue Quantization and Brightness-aware Attention.
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Self-supervised Non-uniform Kernel Estimation with Flow-based Motion Prior for Blind Image Deblurring.
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Estimations of Longitudinal Impedances Based on Temporal Beam Characteristic Parameter Extraction Method in Storage Ring Light Source.
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Learning Degradation Uncertainty for Unsupervised Real-world Image Super-resolution.
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Simulation Study on Influencing Factors of Electrical Preventive Test of Insulation Tools.
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Hybrid sparsity learning for image restoration: An iterative and trainable approach.
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Preshooting Electroencephalographic Activity of Professional Shooters in a Competitive State.
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EEG characteristics in "eyes-open" versus "eyes-closed" condition during vibrotactile stimulation.
Biomed. Signal Process. Control., 2021

Formal Modeling and Correctness Proof of Spatial Partition Algorithm.
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management Asia, 2021

Separating the Structural Components of Maize for Field Phenotyping Using Terrestrial LiDAR Data and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.
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Accelerating Convolutional Neural Network via Structured Gaussian Scale Mixture Models: A Joint Grouping and Pruning Approach.
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Sub-Ramsey Numbers for Matchings.
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An efficient numerical method for the valuation of American multi-asset options.
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An empirical study on pareto based multi-objective feature selection for software defect prediction.
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Learning-based recovery of compressive sensing with application in multiple description coding.
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Optimal Control and Synergic Pattern Analysis of Upper Limb Reaching-Grasping Movements.
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Redundant Muscular Force Analysis of Human Lower Limbs During Rising from a Squat.
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Effect of Noise-Enhanced on the Balance Control Ability in Older Adults.
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Research on extracting subject from Chinese text (poster session).
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A Task Oriented Natural Language Understanding Model.
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