Shuqin Wang

According to our database1, Shuqin Wang authored at least 36 papers between 2003 and 2022.

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Hyper-Laplacian Regularized Nonconvex Low-Rank Representation for Multi-View Subspace Clustering.
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Merging plot of massive earthquake catalogs using the minimum number of active records.
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An Efficient Dynamic Regulated Fuzzy Neural Network for Human Motion Retrieval and Analysis.
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PremPS: Predicting the impact of missense mutations on protein stability.
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Graph-regularized least squares regression for multi-view subspace clustering.
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Feature Selection for High Dimensional Data Using Weighted K-Nearest Neighbors and Genetic Algorithm.
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Building Smart City Drone for Graffiti Detection and Clean-up.
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Feature selection based on feature curve of subclass problem.
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Dynamic Human Behavior Pattern Detection and Classification.
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On exponential stabilisation for descriptor time-delay systems with nonlinear input via SMC.
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Spatiotemporal Recurrent Convolutional Networks for Traffic Prediction in Transportation Networks.
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A comparison of different transfer functions for binary version of grey wolf optimiser.
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Feature selection based on measurement of ability to classify subproblems.
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Discrimination Structure Complementarity-Based Feature Selection.
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A Hybridized Discontinuous Galerkin Method for 2D Fractional Convection-Diffusion Equations.
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Efficiency Evaluation of Agricultural Informatization Based on CCR and Super-Efficiency DEA Model.
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Digital Watermark Based on Wavelet Transform for Audio Signals.
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