Stéphane Robin

According to our database1, Stéphane Robin authored at least 43 papers between 2002 and 2020.

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Epidemiologic network inference.
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Nine Quick Tips for Analyzing Network Data.
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Variational Inference for sparse network reconstruction from count data.
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Matching in the large: An experimental study.
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Comparing change-point location in independent series.
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Modelling the influence of dimerisation sequence dissimilarities on the auxin signalling network.
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Apprentissage de réseaux par agrégation bayésienne d'arbres couvrants.
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Hidden Markov Models with mixtures as emission distributions.
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Two-dimensional segmentation for analyzing Hi-C data.
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Segmentor3IsBack: an R package for the fast and exact segmentation of Seq-data.
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Least-squares estimation of a convex discrete distribution.
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Exact posterior distributions and model selection criteria for multiple change-point detection problems.
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Variational Bayes approach for model aggregation in unsupervised classification with Markovian dependency.
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Correction: Determination of the differentially expressed genes in microarray experiments using local FDR.
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