Syed Omer Gilani

Orcid: 0000-0001-5654-7863

According to our database1, Syed Omer Gilani authored at least 47 papers between 2006 and 2024.

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A Fusion of EMG and IMU for an Augmentative Speech Detection and Recognition System.
IEEE Access, 2024

Patient-Specific Movement Regime: Investigating the Potential of Upper-Extremity Motions for Intelligent Myoelectric Prosthetic Control.
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Stacked Bin Convolutional Neural Networks based Sparse Low-Rank Regressor: Robust, Scalable and Novel Model for Memorability Prediction of Videos.
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Variational mode decomposition for surface and intramuscular EMG signal denoising.
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Predicting Episodic Video Memorability using Deep Features Fusion Strategy.
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Skin Lesion Segmentation from Dermoscopic Images Using Convolutional Neural Network.
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Decoding Attempted Hand Movements in Stroke Patients Using Surface Electromyography.
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Performance Evaluation of Convolutional Neural Network for Hand Gesture Recognition Using EMG.
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A Region-Based Deep Level Set Formulation for Vertebral Bone Segmentation of Osteoporotic Fractures.
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Photo detector-based indoor positioning systems variants: A new look.
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A Novel 2-D Current Signal-Based Residual Learning With Optimized Softmax to Identify Faults in Ball Screw Actuators.
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Design of Robust Higher-Order Repetitive Controller Using Phase Lead Compensator.
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Determination of Optimum Segmentation Schemes for Pattern Recognition-Based Myoelectric Control: A Multi-Dataset Investigation.
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Brain Tumour Image Segmentation Using Deep Networks.
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Detection and tracking of bubbles in two-phase air water flow for non-convergent sinusoidal channel.
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A Robust Scheme of Vertebrae Segmentation for Medical Diagnosis.
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Optimal Power Flow and Unified Control Strategy for Multi-Terminal HVDC Systems.
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An Intelligent Approach to Detect Actuator Signal Errors Based on Remnant Filter.
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An Approach to Measure Functional Parameters for Ball-Screw Drives.
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Automated Classification of Retinal Diseases in STARE Database Using Neural Network Approach.
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Classification of Overt and Covert Speech for Near-Infrared Spectroscopy-Based Brain Computer Interface.
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An appraisal of nodules detection techniques for lung cancer in CT images.
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Multi-Objective Optimization of VSC Stations in Multi-Terminal VSC-HVdc Grids, Based on PSO.
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A Protection Scheme for Multi-Terminal VSC-HVDC Transmission Systems.
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Maximizing Throughput of Hybrid FSO-RF Communication System: An Algorithm.
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H.264 Encoder Parameter Optimization for Encoded Wireless Multimedia Transmissions.
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Performance of Combined Surface and Intramuscular EMG for Classification of Hand Movements.
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Optimizing Availability of a Framework in Series Configuration Utilizing Markov Model and Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques.
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LQR Based Training of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Controller.
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A Benchmark of Computational Models of Saliency to Predict Human Fixations in Videos.
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PET: An eye-tracking dataset for animal-centric Pascal object classes.
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