Ernest Nlandu Kamavuako

According to our database1, Ernest Nlandu Kamavuako authored at least 45 papers between 2006 and 2022.

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Surface EMG Statistical and Performance Analysis of Targeted-Muscle-Reinnervated (TMR) Transhumeral Prosthesis Users in Home and Laboratory Settings.
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The Effect of EMG Features on the Classification of Swallowing Events and the Estimation of Fluid Intake Volume.
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On the Applications of EMG Sensors and Signals.
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The Effect of Signal Duration on the Classification of Heart Sounds: A Deep Learning Approach.
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Scalable tensor factorization for recovering multiday missing intramuscular electromyography data.
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Software Sensor to Enhance Online Parametric Identification for Nonlinear Closed-Loop Systems for Robotic Applications.
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Affordable Embroidered EMG Electrodes for Myoelectric Control of Prostheses: A Pilot Study.
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Estimation of the Respiratory Rate from Localised ECG at Different Auscultation Sites.
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A Multiday Evaluation of Real-Time Intramuscular EMG Usability with ANN.
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The Short-Term Repeatability of Subdermal Electrical Stimulation for Sensory Feedback.
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Determination of Optimum Segmentation Schemes for Pattern Recognition-Based Myoelectric Control: A Multi-Dataset Investigation.
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