Ting Deng

According to our database1, Ting Deng authored at least 34 papers between 2007 and 2019.

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HyperCo: Optimizing Network Performance in ARM-Based Mobile Virtualization.
IEEE Trans. Services Computing, 2019

The Cloud Service Broker in Multicloud Demand Response.
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Recurrent neural network for combined economic and emission dispatch.
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On Link Prediction in Knowledge Bases: Max-K Criterion and Prediction Protocols.
Proceedings of the 41st International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research & Development in Information Retrieval, 2018

Maximizing Profit of Cloud Service Brokerage with Economic Demand Response.
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A robust object tracking framework based on a reliable point assignment algorithm.
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Improving the Quality of Crowdsourced Image Labeling via Label Similarity.
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Capturing Missing Tuples and Missing Values.
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Sample-system-based domain feature model validation.
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A robust point detection algorithm based on wavelet transform for visual tracking.
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On recommendation problems beyond points of interest.
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Delivering Web service load testing as a service with a global cloud.
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On the tradeoff of availability and consistency for quorum systems in data center networks.
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Querying Big Data by Accessing Small Data.
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On the Complexity of Query Result Diversification.
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On the data complexity of relative information completeness.
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On the Complexity of Query Result Diversification.
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Consistency or latency? A quantitative analysis of replication systems based on replicated state machines.
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Complexity of synthesis of composite service with correctness guarantee.
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On the complexity of package recommendation problems.
Proceedings of the 31st ACM SIGMOD-SIGACT-SIGART Symposium on Principles of Database Systems, 2012

Rep4WS: A Paxos Based Replication Framework for Building Consistent and Reliable Web Services.
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On the aggregation problem for synthesized web services.
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AutoSyn: A new approach to automated synthesis of composite web services with correctness guarantee.
Science in China Series F: Information Sciences, 2009

Automated synthesis of composite services with correctness guarantee.
Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on World Wide Web, 2009

LiveMig: An Approach to Live Instance Migration in Composite Service Evolution.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Web Services, 2009

KAF: Kalman Filter Based Adaptive Maintenance for Dependability of Composite Services.
Proceedings of the Advanced Information Systems Engineering, 20th International Conference, 2008

PASS: An Approach to Personalized Automated Service Composition.
Proceedings of the 2008 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC 2008), 2008

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ANGEL: Optimal Configuration for High Available Service Composition.
Proceedings of the 2007 IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS 2007), 2007