Yifei Wang

According to our database1, Yifei Wang authored at least 75 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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Impact of Cascading and Common-Cause Outages on Resilience-Constrained Optimal Economic Operation of Power Systems.
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Information Newton's flow: second-order optimization method in probability space.
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Stochastic Day-Ahead Scheduling of Integrated Energy Distribution Network With Identifying Redundant Gas Network Constraints.
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Fano Resonance in an Asymmetric MIM Waveguide Structure and Its Application in a Refractive Index Nanosensor.
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Application of an Improved Correlation Method in Electrostatic Gait Recognition of Hemiparetic Patients.
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What is the difference in global research on Central Asia before and after the collapse of the USSR: a bibliometric analysis.
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A brief analysis of favorable and unfavorable conditions for future development of pharmaceutical E-commerce in China.
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Building Information Extraction Based on Electronic Map Points of Interest.
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A 0.8-V 1.7-μW25.9-fJ continuous-time sigma-delta modulator for biomedical applications.
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Condition monitoring of wind turbines based on extreme learning machine.
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Recombination Is Surprisingly Constructive for Artificial Gene Regulatory Networks in the Context of Selection for Developmental Stability.
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Robust obstacle detection based on a novel disparity calculation method and G-disparity.
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A Systematic Security Evaluation of Android's Multi-User Framework.
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