Muhammad Waqas

According to our database1, Muhammad Waqas authored at least 38 papers between 2011 and 2020.

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Resource Optimization for Cognitive Radio Based Device to Device Communication Under an Energy Harvesting Scenario.
IEEE Access, 2020

A Novel Quantum Inspired Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Electromagnetic Applications.
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A Joint Optimization Framework for Energy Harvesting Based Cooperative CR Networks.
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Spatial and Temporal Variability of Open-Ocean Barrier Islands along the Indus Delta Region.
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On non-Fourier flux in nonlinear stretching flow of hyperbolic tangent material.
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On stratified variable thermal conductivity stretched flow of Walter-B material subject to non-Fourier flux theory.
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Convergence time analysis of OSPF routing protocol using social network metrics.
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A mathematical framework for peristaltic flow analysis of non-Newtonian Sisko fluid in an undulating porous curved channel with heat and mass transfer effects.
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Mobility-Aware Fog Computing in Dynamic Environments: Understandings and Implementation.
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Real-Time Surveillance Through Face Recognition Using HOG and Feedforward Neural Networks.
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Social-Aware Secret Key Generation for Secure Device-to-Device Communication via Trusted and Non-Trusted Relays.
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Coupled dictionary learning in wavelet domain for Single-Image Super-Resolution.
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Knowledge Extraction Using Web Usage Mining.
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Features Analysis of Online Shopping System Using WCM.
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Magnetohydrodynamic stagnation point flow of third-grade liquid toward variable sheet thickness.
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Stagnation point flow of nanomaterial towards nonlinear stretching surface with melting heat.
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On fair power optimization in nonorthogonal multiple access multiuser networks.
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A Survey on Socially Aware Device-to-Device Communications.
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Pathogens constancy, harbinger of nosocomial infection cum identification of resistant genes and drug designing.
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PCA-Based Detection Algorithm of Moving Target Buried in Clutter in Doppler Frequency Domain.
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