Weili Wang

According to our database1, Weili Wang authored at least 31 papers between 1994 and 2020.

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An improved reversible watermarking scheme using weighted prediction and watermarking simulation.
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A performance-driven multi-algorithm selection strategy for energy consumption optimization of sea-rail intermodal transportation.
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Cooperative Anomaly Detection With Transfer Learning-Based Hidden Markov Model in Virtualized Network Slicing.
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Effect of Shared Cavity on Electromechanical Performance of Piezoelectric Based Micro-machined Ultrasonic Transducer Array.
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Thoughts of Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Smart Community Management.
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Research of Speech Act Verb Interpretations About Dictionaries of Learning Chinese as a Foreign Language from the Perspective of Frame Semantics.
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An Effective Segmentation Method for MRI Images Based on TV-L1 and GVF Model.
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Energy-Saving Oriented On/Off Strategies in Heterogeneous Networks : an Asynchronous Approach with Dynamic Traffic Variations.
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A Unified Framework for Predicting KPIs of On-Demand Transport Services.
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Riborex: fast and flexible identification of differential translation from Ribo-seq data.
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Multi-objective differential evolution with performance-metric-based self-adaptive mutation operator for chemical and biochemical dynamic optimization problems.
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An Energy-Saving Algorithm With Joint User Association, Clustering, and On/Off Strategies in Dense Heterogeneous Networks.
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The principle and application of hyperspectral imaging technology in detection of handwriting.
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A Sentence Segmentation Method for Ancient Chinese Texts Based on NNLM.
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On the Use of a Pedestrian Simulation Model with Natural Behavior Representation in Metro Stations.
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Study on Suitability Evaluation Model of New Maize Varieties.
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Design for Board and System Level Structural Test and Diagnosis.
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