Wenyu Wang

According to our database1, Wenyu Wang authored at least 35 papers between 2006 and 2020.

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Simulation of the Spectrum Response for the THz Atmosphere Limb Sounder (TALIS).
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Preliminary Evaluation of the Error Budgets in the TALIS Measurements and Their Impact on the Retrievals.
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Memetic search for the equitable coloring problem.
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Corporate Innovation Along the Supply Chain.
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An Alterable Weight Minimum Spanning Tree Method for Electrical Collector System Planning in Tidal Current Generation Farms.
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PolicyLint: Investigating Internal Privacy Policy Contradictions on Google Play.
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Testing untestable neural machine translation: an industrial case.
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Chinese Agricultural Entity Relation Extraction via Deep Learning.
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On the Performance of an Aerosol Electrometer with Enhanced Detection Limit.
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Design and Evaluation of an Aerosol Electrometer with Low Noise and a Wide Dynamic Range.
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Tabu search with feasible and infeasible searches for equitable coloring.
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Oracle-free Detection of Translation Issue for Neural Machine Translation.
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GWAS summary-based pathway analysis correcting for the genetic confounding impact of environmental exposures.
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Record and replay for Android: are we there yet in industrial cases?
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The diurnalcharacteristics of deepconvective boundarylayer inarid regionsad in Northwestern China.
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A novel approach of dead time compensation method for ac servo driver.
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