Weiqing Li

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According to our database1, Weiqing Li authored at least 66 papers between 2003 and 2024.

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Efficacy of micro credential learning spaces in developing students' twenty-first century skills: Towards graduate work readiness.
Educ. Inf. Technol., January, 2024

VN-Net: Vision-Numerical Fusion Graph Convolutional Network for Sparse Spatio-Temporal Meteorological Forecasting.
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Refining Segmentation On-the-Fly: An Interactive Framework for Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation.
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Joint data and feature augmentation for self-supervised representation learning on point clouds.
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X-Board: an egocentric adaptive AR assistant for perception in indoor environments.
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Video driven adaptive grasp planning of virtual hand using deep reinforcement learning.
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Understanding Text-driven Motion Synthesis with Keyframe Collaboration via Diffusion Models.
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Increasing Trust with Augmented Reality in Human-in-the-Loop Intelligent System: A Case Study with Inspection Task.
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops, 2023

Test-time Personalizable Forecasting of 3D Human Poses.
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DeFeeNet: Consecutive 3D Human Motion Prediction with Deviation Feedback.
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Human Joint Kinematics Diffusion-Refinement for Stochastic Motion Prediction.
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Meta-Auxiliary Learning for Adaptive Human Pose Prediction.
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Slicing-Tracking-Detection: Simultaneous Multi-Cylinder Detection From Large-Scale and Complex Point Clouds.
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Imitative Collaboration: A mirror-neuron inspired mixed reality collaboration method with remote hands and local replicas.
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Traffic Image Dehazing Using Sky Segmentation and Color Space Conversion.
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Research on hydraulic motor control system based on fuzzy neural network combing sliding mode control and time delay estimation.
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Point cloud denoising review: from classical to deep learning-based approaches.
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No-reference Point Cloud Geometry Quality Assessment Based on Pairwise Rank Learning.
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Hypergraph Convolutional Network based Weakly Supervised Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation with Scene-Level Annotations.
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AU-PD: An Arbitrary-size and Uniform Downsampling Framework for Point Clouds.
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DilUnet: A U-net based architecture for blood vessels segmentation.
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MTCLF: A multitask curriculum learning framework for unbiased glaucoma screenings.
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A weakly supervised framework for real-world point cloud classification.
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A novel animation authoring framework for the virtual teacher performing experiment in mixed reality.
Comput. Appl. Eng. Educ., 2022

Structure-Aware Denoising for Real-world Noisy Point Clouds with Complex Structures.
Comput. Aided Des., 2022

An Applied Research of Big Data in the Work of Higher Education Students: Taking the Analysis of Finding Loneliness and Their Characteristics as an Example.
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Control and Intelligent Robotics, 2022

Overlooked Poses Actually Make Sense: Distilling Privileged Knowledge for Human Motion Prediction.
Proceedings of the Computer Vision - ECCV 2022, 2022

Learning to Hash for Personalized Image Authentication.
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An augmented reality-based multimedia environment for experimental education.
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MES-Net: a new network for retinal image segmentation.
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Independent innovation capability of high-tech enterprises based on FPGA processor and dynamic reconfigurable technology.
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A Federated Recommendation System Based on Local Differential Privacy Clustering.
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A mobile app for Glaucoma diagnosis and its possible clinical applications.
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Automated glaucoma screening method based on image segmentation and feature extraction.
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Partial Matching of Large Scale Process Plant Models Using Random Walk on Graphs.
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De-SAG: On the De-Anonymization of Structure-Attribute Graph Data.
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On minor prime factorizations for multivariate polynomial matrices.
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LLN-SLAM: A Lightweight Learning Network Semantic SLAM.
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On Rank Factorizations and Factor Prime Factorizations for Multivariate Polynomial Matrices.
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Research on the Modification of the Tapered Roller of Rotating Liner Hanger Bearing Based on Hybrid Intelligence.
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