Man Zhang

According to our database1, Man Zhang authored at least 110 papers between 2004 and 2021.

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Uncertainty-wise Requirements Prioritization with Search.
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Vibration Reduction Controller for a Switched Reluctance Machine Based on HW/SW Partitioning.
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A GTAP Simulation-Based Analysis Method for Impact of the US Exit from WTO and China's Strategic Choice.
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From Coarse to Fine: A Stage-Wise Deraining Net.
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Salaxy: Enabling USB Debugging Mode Automatically to Control Android Devices.
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Resource-based test case generation for RESTful web services.
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Securing Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Against Collusive SSDF Attack using XOR Distance Analysis in Cognitive Radio Networks.
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Demographic Analysis from Biometric Data: Achievements, Challenges, and New Frontiers.
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Specifying uncertainty in use case models.
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Application of Data Mining Technology on Surveillance Report Data of HIV/AIDS High-Risk Group in Urumqi from 2009 to 2015.
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Research on the Modification of the Tapered Roller of Rotating Liner Hanger Bearing Based on Hybrid Intelligence.
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Hierarchical Multi-class Iris Classification for Liveness Detection.
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Protecting Your Faces: MeshFaces Generation and Removal via High-Order Relation-Preserving CycleGAN.
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