Wenzheng Xu

According to our database1, Wenzheng Xu authored at least 41 papers between 2011 and 2019.

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An improved algorithm for dispatching the minimum number of electric charging vehicles for wireless sensor networks.
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Charging Utility Maximization in Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks by Charging Multiple Sensors Simultaneously.
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Maximizing Sensor Lifetime with the Minimal Service Cost of a Mobile Charger in Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Single-Stage Wireless-Power-Transfer Resonant Converter With Boost Bridgeless Power-Factor-Correction Rectifier.
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Towards Low-Cost Yet High-Performance Sensor Networks by Deploying a Few Ultra-fast Charging Battery Powered Sensors.
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Fog-based storage technology to fight with cyber threat.
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Throughput optimization for admitting NFV-enabled requests in cloud networks.
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Online unicasting and multicasting in software-defined networks.
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Approximation Algorithms for Charging Reward Maximization in Rechargeable Sensor Networks via a Mobile Charger.
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Efficient Algorithms for the Identification of Top-k Structural Hole Spanners in Large Social Networks.
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The Mapping-Adaptive Convolution: A Fundamental Theory for Homography or Perspective Invariant Matching Methods.
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Improving charging capacity for wireless sensor networks by deploying one mobile vehicle with multiple removable chargers.
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Charging your smartphones on public commuters via wireless energy transfer.
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Identifying Top-k Structural Hole Spanners in Large-Scale Social Networks.
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Probabilistic odd-even: an adaptive wormhole routing algorithm for 2D mesh network-on-chip.
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Overhead analysis of query localization optimization and routing.
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A Cooperative Approach to Cache Consistency Maintenance in Wireless Mesh Networks.
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