Song Yang

According to our database1, Song Yang authored at least 51 papers between 2001 and 2018.

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Multi-Robot Cyber Physical System for Sensing Environmental Variables of Transmission Line.
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Latency-Sensitive Data Allocation and Workload Consolidation for Cloud Storage.
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HCFS2: A File Storage Service with Weak Consistency in the Hybrid Cloud.
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Slippage-free background replacement for hand-held video.
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The Improved NRL Tropical Cyclone Monitoring System with a Unified Microwave Brightness Temperature Calibration Scheme.
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An Improved Tone Reservation Scheme Based Nearly Optimal Peak Reduction for Adaptive Amplitude Clipping.
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An Eye Detection Based Multi-modal "E-Supervisor" in Distant Education.
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Party cohesion in presidential races: applying social network theory to the 2011 preprimary.
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VISTA Region Viewer (RViewer) - a computational system for prioritizing genomic intervals for biomedical studies.
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Segmented compensation using compound iterative learning control on 2D system for linear motor.
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An efficient edge and corner detector.
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BIDEL: An XML-Based System for Effective Fast Change Detection of Genomic and Proteomic Data.
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A Privacy Enabled Fast Dynamic Authentication and Authorization for B3G/4G Mobility.
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