Xiaobo Chen

According to our database1, Xiaobo Chen authored at least 83 papers between 2006 and 2021.

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Soft-Weighted-Average Ensemble Vehicle Detection Method Based on Single-Stage and Two-Stage Deep Learning Models.
IEEE Trans. Intell. Veh., 2021

Enhancing light olefins and aromatics production from naphthenic-based vacuum gas oil: Process integration, techno-economic analysis and life cycle environmental assessment.
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An Evaluation Algorithm for the Interoperability of Global Navigation Satellite Systems.
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Multi-Vehicle Cooperative Target Tracking with Time-Varying Localization Uncertainty via Recursive Variational Bayesian Inference.
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Robust Cooperative Multi-Vehicle Tracking with Inaccurate Self-Localization Based on On-Board Sensors and Inter-Vehicle Communication.
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A Coarse-to-Fine Network for Ship Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Images.
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A quantitative evaluation of comprehensive 3D local descriptors generated with spatial and geometrical features.
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Application of 3D-LiDAR & Camera Extrinsic Calibration in Urban Rail Transit.
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Strength and similarity guided group-level brain functional network construction for MCI diagnosis.
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libRL: A Python library for the characterization of microwave absorption.
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A Comparative Study of State-of-the-Art Deep Learning Algorithms for Vehicle Detection.
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Brain Network Construction and Classification Toolbox (BrainNetClass).
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A Comprehensive Performance Evaluation for 3D Transformation Estimation Techniques.
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Comparative Analysis of Warp Function for Digital Image Correlation-Based Accurate Single-Shot 3D Shape Measurement.
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A Vehicle Recognition Algorithm Based on Deep Transfer Learning with a Multiple Feature Subspace Distribution.
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Kernel Sparse Representation with Hybrid Regularization for On-Road Traffic Sensor Data Imputation.
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Vehicle Detection by Fusing Part Model Learning and Semantic Scene Information for Complex Urban Surveillance.
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A Novel Method for Air Quality Data Imputation by Nuclear Norm Minimization.
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An Improved Self-Representation Approach for Missing Value Imputation.
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Improved Robust Discriminant Analysis for Feature Extraction.
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Multi-Layer Multi-View Classification for Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis.
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Modeling and Calibration of a Novel One-Mirror Galvanometric Laser Scanner.
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Efficient Background Segmentation and Seed Point Generation for a Single-Shot Stereo System.
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Development and Verification of a Novel Robot-Integrated Fringe Projection 3D Scanning System for Large-Scale Metrology.
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Block based dense stereo matching using adaptive cost aggregation and limited disparity estimation.
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Complex video event detection via pairwise fusion of trajectory and multi-label hypergraphs.
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Analyse et propagation de l'incertitude dans l'analyse de cycle de vie en agriculture.
PhD thesis, 2014

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