Xiaoxia Yang

According to our database1, Xiaoxia Yang authored at least 27 papers between 2008 and 2019.

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Superconvergence analysis of nonconforming finite element method for time-fractional nonlinear parabolic equations on anisotropic meshes.
Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 2019

The effect of waiting area design at the metro platform on passengers' alighting and boarding behaviors.
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Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation for Wireless Power Transfer Enabled Massive MIMO Systems with Hardware Impairments.
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A Similarity Evaluation Modal for Remote Sensing Data Distribution.
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Passenger distribution modelling at the subway platform based on ant colony optimization algorithm.
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Joint optimization of preventive maintenance and production scheduling for parallel machines system.
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Identification of influential spreaders in geo-social network.
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Modeling and simulation of pedestrian dynamical behavior based on a fuzzy logic approach.
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Effects of Quantity and Position of Guides on Pedestrian Evacuation.
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Approximation-Based Robust Adaptive Automatic Train Control: An Approach for Actuator Saturation.
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Crack Orientation and Depth Estimation in a Low-Pressure Turbine Disc Using a Phased Array Ultrasonic Transducer and an Artificial Neural Network.
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Fuzzy control of a class of autonomous formation constrained systems.
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A multivalent three-point linkage analysis model of autotetraploids.
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Geo-information processing service composition for concurrent tasks: A QoS-aware game theory approach.
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The multiplicity of solutions for fourth-order equations generated from a boundary condition.
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A Min-Conflict Heuristic-Based Web Service Chain Reconfiguration Approach.
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Modeling the Shear Stiffness of Worsted Fabrics Using Soft Computing Techniques.
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