Yangyang Liu

According to our database1, Yangyang Liu authored at least 57 papers between 2005 and 2021.

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Accurate Respiration Monitoring for Mobile Users With Commercial RFID Devices.
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Security Analysis on "Anonymous Authentication Scheme for Smart Home Environment with Provable Security".
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Retrieval of Phytoplankton Pigments from Underway Spectrophotometry in the Fram Strait.
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Detection of Ascorbic Acid Using Green Synthesized Carbon Quantum Dots.
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Detecting cyberattacks in industrial control systems using online learning algorithms.
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A local random walk model for complex networks based on discriminative feature combinations.
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Relative effects of climate variation and human activities on grassland dynamics in Africa from 2000 to 2015.
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A Brief Survey on Cyber Security Attack Entrances and Protection Strategies of Intelligent Connected Vehicle.
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Lower limb rehabilitation robot design with dual customized design: Customized gait and customized exoskeleton.
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基于三支决策的支持向量机增量学习方法 (Three-way Decisions-based Incremental Learning Method for Support Vector Machine).
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