Yongchao Liu

According to our database1, Yongchao Liu authored at least 87 papers between 2007 and 2022.

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Adaptive Tracking Control for Perturbed Strict-Feedback Nonlinear Systems Based on Optimized Backstepping Technique.
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Bring orders into uncertainty: enabling efficient uncertain graph processing via novel path sampling on multi-accelerator systems.
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A Generalized and Robust Method Towards Practical Gaze Estimation on Smart Phone.
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A greedy alignment-free distance estimator for phylogenetic inference.
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AFS: identification and quantification of species composition by metagenomic sequencing.
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SWhybrid: A Hybrid-Parallel Framework for Large-Scale Protein Sequence Database Search.
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PUNAS: A Parallel Ungapped-Alignment-Featured Seed Verification Algorithm for Next-Generation Sequencing Read Alignment.
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