Yonggui Wang

According to our database1, Yonggui Wang authored at least 24 papers between 2004 and 2017.

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To reward or develop identification in online brand communities: evidence from emerging markets.
IT for Development, 2017

Virtual Space Co-Creation: The Perspective of User Innovation.
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An integrated system for planning, navigation and robotic assistance for mandible reconstruction surgery.
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Integrative effects among innovation network elements on innovation performance based on QCA.
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Customer participation in virtual brand communities: The self-construal perspective.
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A fast mobile early warning system for water quality emergency risk in ungauged river basins.
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What Influence User Generated Content Adoption Behavior in a Weak-tie dominant Social Media Context: a Theoretical Model.
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Study on Driving Forces of UGC Adoption Behavior in Service Industry: A Platform Feature Based Model.
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Design of automatic measuring robot for steam generator in nuclear power plant.
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Navigation method for mandible reconstruction surgery robot.
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A fastening bolt method based on image recognition.
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Control system design and implementation for a blocking plate manipulation robot.
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Beyond Simon's Means-Ends Analysis: Natural Creativity and the Unanswered 'Why' in the Design of Intelligent Systems for Problem-Solving.
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A Systematic Framework of IT-Enabled Service Research towards Formulating Research Questions in IS Realm.
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The Influence of Service Design on Public-perceived Administrative Service Quality: The Moderating Effect of Social Monitoring.
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