Wenjing Li

According to our database1, Wenjing Li authored at least 59 papers between 2002 and 2019.

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Daily long-term traffic flow forecasting based on a deep neural network.
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A deep belief network with PLSR for nonlinear system modeling.
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An adaptive deep Q-learning strategy for handwritten digit recognition.
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Adaptive face representation via class-specific and intra-class variation dictionaries for recognition.
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An incremental neuronal-activity-based RBF neural network for nonlinear system modeling.
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Cross-covariance regularized autoencoders for nonredundant sparse feature representation.
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A Match-Then-Predict Method for Daily Traffic Flow Forecasting Based on Group Method of Data Handling.
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An Enhanced Clustering-Based Method for Determining Time-of-Day Breakpoints Through Process Optimization.
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Consensus of fractional-order multi-agent systems with linear models via observer-type protocol.
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General central firefly algorithm based on different learning time.
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3-Rainbow Index and Forbidden Subgraphs.
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Hardness result for the total rainbow k-connection of graphs.
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The k-proper index of complete bipartite and complete multipartite graphs.
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Building a Cost and Profit Sharing Model for an E-business Project in Rural China: a Shapely Value Approach.
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A Factor Analysis-Based Detection Approach to Network Traffic Anomalies for Power Telecommunication Access Networks.
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Conflict-Free Connection Numbers of Line Graphs.
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Multi-controller collaborative interconnecting for multilayer heterogeneous SDON.
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Cross-layer collaborative interconnecting for multi-domain software defined optical network.
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MRI intensity inhomogeneity correction based on similar points.
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Reduction of Gibbs artifacts in magnetic resonance imaging based on Convolutional Neural Network.
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Hybrid swarm intelligent parallel algorithm research based on multi-core clusters.
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Mutual information based weight initialization method for sigmoidal feedforward neural networks.
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Constructive algorithm for fully connected cascade feedforward neural networks.
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Decode-and-Forward Full-Duplex Relay Selection Under Rayleigh Fading Environment.
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Target detection with single surveillance channel for PBR.
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A queue scheduling approach to QoS support in terminal communication access network.
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Hadoop-Based Dynamic Load Balance Scheduling Algorithm of Logistics Inventory.
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Research on Distributed Logistics Inventory Model Based on Cloud Computing.
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A Class Association Rule Based Classifier Using Probability Density Functions for Intrusion Detection Systems.
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Quality Model of Cloud Service.
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Assessing Insect Growth Using Image Analysis.
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Automatic colposcopy video tissue classification using higher order entropy-based image registration.
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Graph based automatic centralized PCI assignment in LTE.
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Classification based on a multi-dimensional probability distribution and its application to network intrusion detection.
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Design and Implementation of Mapping Rules from OWL to Relational Database.
Proceedings of the CSIE 2009, 2009 WRI World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering, March 31, 2009

3-D Object Recognition Using 2-D Views.
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Improving cervical region of interest by eliminating vaginal walls and cotton-swabs for automated image analysis.
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Computerized image analysis for acetic acid induced intraepithelial lesions.
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Robust distortion correction of endoscope.
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Ontology Adapter - Network Management System Interface Model.
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Integrating Algebraic Functions of Views with Indexing and Learning for 3D Object Recognition.
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Feature matching by Hopfield type neural networks.
PhD thesis, 2002