Yu-Jen Lin

According to our database1, Yu-Jen Lin authored at least 30 papers between 2003 and 2021.

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Golay Complementary Sets and Multiple-Shift Complementary Sets With Non-Power-of-Two Length and Bounded PAPRs.
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Novel Offline Software-in-the-Loop Simulation Technique for Modular Single-Phase Flyback Current Source Grid-Tie Inverter System.
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The Refinement of Generation Scheduling and Underfrequency Load Shedding Protection Scheme for Nangan-Beigan Power System in Taiwan.
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Roles of Pumped Hydro Storages in Optimal Scheduling of Future Taiwan Power System with Highly Penetrated Renewable Energy Resources.
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Enhancements of Protection Schemes for a Grid-Connected Industry Park with IPPs.
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An autonomous Mobile Robot System based on Serverless Computing and Edge Computing.
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Forecasting participants of information diffusion on social networks with its applications.
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Developing and applying load model identification software to Taiwan power system.
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Study of a high-gain two-port power converter with fuel cell/battery sources and stacked output for hybrid electric vehicle and dc-microgrid.
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Design and deployment of special protection system for Kinmen power system.
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Reducing Visual Dependency with Surface Haptic Touchscreens.
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Predicting popularity of articles on bulletin board system.
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Olegoru: A Soundscape Composition Tool to Enhance Imaginative Storytelling with Tangible Objects.
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