Yu Xie

According to our database1, Yu Xie authored at least 115 papers between 2003 and 2022.

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A survey on federated learning in data mining.
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Disentangled Representation Learning for Multiple Attributes Preserving Face Deidentification.
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An Improved Algorithm for Estimating Surface Shortwave Radiation: Preliminary Evaluation With MODIS Products.
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Algorithmic Study on Position and Movement Method of Badminton Doubles.
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Wave-SAN: Wavelet based Style Augmentation Network for Cross-Domain Few-Shot Learning.
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Prevalence of Research Misconduct and Questionable Research Practices: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
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Retrieval of Stratospheric HNO3 and HCl Based on Ground-Based High-Resolution Fourier Transform Spectroscopy.
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Dynamic network embedding via structural attention.
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Generating API tags for tutorial fragments from Stack Overflow.
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How COVID-19 has Impacted American Attitudes Toward China: A Study on Twitter.
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Multi-Party Dual Learning.
CoRR, 2021

Towards Explainable Multi-Party Learning: A Contrastive Knowledge Sharing Framework.
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Influence-aware graph neural networks.
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Federated matrix factorization for privacy-preserving recommender systems.
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A Robotic Dynamic Tactile Sensing System based on Electronic Skin.
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Explainable Predictions of Renal Cell Carcinoma with Interpretable Tree Ensembles from Contrast-enhanced CT Images.
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Explainable Prediction Of Renal Cell Carcinoma From Contrast-Enhanced CT Images Using Deep Convolutional Transfer Learning And The Shapley Additive Explanations Approach.
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Real-time Trajectory prediction for Hypersonic Glide Vehicle Based on 3-D Flight Corridor.
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Data-driven approach to application programming interface documentation mining: A review.
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Community Preserving Network Embedding Based on Memetic Algorithm.
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Method of Calculating the Vertical Displacement and Additional Stress of Existing Tunnels under the Influence of Grouting Rings of New Tunnels.
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Discriminative Sparse Filtering for Multi-Source Image Classification.
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On-Board Wind Scatterometry.
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Visual domain adaptation based on modified A-distance and sparse filtering.
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Semi-supervised network embedding with text information.
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Structured self-attention architecture for graph-level representation learning.
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MGAT: Multi-view Graph Attention Networks.
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Local distinguishability aggrandizing network for human anomaly detection.
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Preserving differential privacy in deep neural networks with relevance-based adaptive noise imposition.
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Privacy-enhanced multi-party deep learning.
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Proximity-aware heterogeneous information network embedding.
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Graph convolutional networks with multi-level coarsening for graph classification.
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Secure collaborative few-shot learning.
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Community-oriented attributed network embedding.
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Optimizing Weighted Extreme Learning Machines for imbalanced classification and application to credit card fraud detection.
Neurocomputing, 2020

Deep heterogeneous network embedding based on Siamese Neural Networks.
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Do Mass Media Shape Public Opinion toward China? Quantitative Evidence on New York Times with Deep Learning.
CoRR, 2020

Multitask machine learning of collective variables for enhanced sampling of rare events.
CoRR, 2020

Fast Bayesian Force Fields from Active Learning: Study of Inter-Dimensional Transformation of Stanene.
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A Survey on Dynamic Network Embedding.
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A Survey on Differentially Private Machine Learning [Review Article].
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Analysis of mud splashing pattern of paddy field blade using computational fluid dynamics.
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Numerical and experimental study on optimization of paddy field blade used in initial mud-cutting process.
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Efficient Verifiable Key-Aggregate Keyword Searchable Encryption for Data Sharing in Outsourcing Storage.
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Cost-Efficient Consolidating Service for Aliyun's Cloud-Scale Computing.
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Differential privacy preservation in regression analysis based on relevance.
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Sim2vec: Node similarity preserving network embedding.
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TPNE: Topology preserving network embedding.
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Implementation of a radix-2<sup>k</sup> fixed-point pipeline FFT processor with optimized word length scheme.
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A Privacy-Preserving Multi-Task Learning Framework for Face Detection, Landmark Localization, Pose Estimation, and Gender Recognition.
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Enhancing Attributed Network Embedding via Similarity Measure.
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An Efficient Key-Aggregate Keyword Searchable Encryption for Data Sharing in Cloud Storage.
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