Yu Xing

According to our database1, Yu Xing authored at least 34 papers between 2005 and 2021.

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Cellular-Scale Microelectrode Arrays to Monitor Movement-Related Neuron Activities in the Epileptic Hippocampus of Awake Mice.
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Weighted Hyper-Laplacian Prior with Overlapping Group Sparsity for Image Restoration under Cauchy Noise.
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A Topology Control Strategy with Efficient Path for Predictable Delay-Tolerant Networks.
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CommonGen: A Constrained Text Generation Dataset Towards Generative Commonsense Reasoning.
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A Novel User Representation Paradigm for Making Personalized Candidate Retrieval.
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A random opinion formation model over signed networks.
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Equilibrium valuation of currency options under a jump-diffusion model with stochastic volatility.
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Research on extraction of outlines of mandible in forensic individual recognitions.
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